Welcome to Grossman Forestry Company
Located in Newberry, Michigan.

Forest Management and Marketing Specialists

Your forest can offer you many possibilities.
Which should be the most important?
How are you willing to participate to help your forest reach its potential of usefulness, productivity, and increased value?

If you own or are considering the purchase of woodlands, a scientific evaluation can be made to identify your forest management options.

Appropriate options will be recommended to meet your objectives for recreation, wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, current income or long term investment.
If harvesting mature timber will fulfill your objectives, our experience and forestry training will assure that the proper trees are selected for harvest.

Timber markets are very active right now.  Before you consider a timber harvest it is essential that you have written management plan.
Experience and Achievements

Our forestry experience in this area assures the landowner that he/she will meet their objectives and obtain the highest possible price for her/his timber.

We invite you to visit our Press Release PDFs to
explore our achievements.

Press Releases: 

Martindale received "bronze hard hat award"  1/14/13

Carbon Credits SOLD -- 11/10/08

Miller Awarded Michigan Young Forester of the Year for 2007 11/13/07

Over 100,000 acres of approved Stewardship plans! 10/19/07

Grossman Awarded Michigan Forester
of the Year for 2005!
Press Release 11/08/05

Grossman receives Certificate
of Conformance
Press Release 7/08/2005


Competitive bids from timber producers should always be obtained to ensure the best possible price from reliable timber producers.
Adequate supervision is a very important part of any management activity and is a major part of our overall service. We are your Forest Management and Marketing Specialists.

Healthy, growing, well managed trees have multiple uses:
  • Scenic Beauty
  • Watershed Protection
  • Space for Recreation
  • Food and Cover for Wildlife
  • Cellulose Fiber, Lumber, Posts and Poles for Industry
Grossman Forestry Company has registered foresters and real estate agents available for all of your land and/or timber needs. We specialize in vacant lands as our primary business and are trained and qualified to recognize any potential timber value on your parcel.

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